X-treme Snow Plow / Dozer
Our X-treme Snow Plow Dozer is different from most. Our engineers have designed this to become an Angle Blade (Dozer Blade) with ease.

Our plows have 1/2" thick 6" wide replaceable bolt on cutting edges. The blade comes with two 3" bore 6" stroke cylinders, couplings, and hoses. You are ready to go when it is received.

To use this as a snow plow, simply remove the center pins. This allows the blade to trip when hitting something. Our powerful springs retract the blade into position as soon as the object is cleared.

To use as an angle blade, leave the center pins in, and you are ready to move some earth. This is a 4 way dozer blade, up and down from your skid steer, and side to side from the attachment. All of our plows come complete with hoses and couplings. The plow is ready to use when you get it.

 72" plow

 84" plow

 96" plow





















X-treme Snow Plow

Our X-treme Duty Snow Plow allows you to clear driveways and parking lots. Easily angle the plow from within your cab, using the 3" x 6" hydraulic cylinder. The top of the plow is rolled to keep the snow from coming back towards the cab. 1/2 inch bolt on cutting edge and adjustable snow shoes are standard.

72" X-treme Snow Plow

84" X-treme Snow Plow

96" X-treme Snow Plow

















X-treme Snow Pusher

 Our Extreme Duty Snow Pusher allows you to clear a parking lot quicker than a snow plow. The snow pusher edge is 1 - 1/2" x 8" thick, adjustable, reversible and replaceable rubber so you don't tear up the pavement. The mold board is 1/4" and the sides are 5/16" thick for extra support.

 72" X-treme Snow Pusher

 84" X-treme Snow Pusher

 96" X-treme Snow Pusher















 X-treme Snow and Litter Bucket

 63" X-treme Snow and Litter Bucket

 66" X-treme Snow and Litter Bucket

 72" X-treme Snow and Litter Bucket

 78" X-treme Snow and Litter Bucket

 81" X-treme Snow and Litter Bucket

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Email us at info@cidattachments.com



X-treme Snow Plow / Dozer Specs










Snow Pusher back


Snow Pusher Side


snow pusher specs




snow and litter bucket







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