X-treme Rotating Tree Shear

Our X-treme Rotating Tree Shear is constructed with a 1’ thick AR400 blade, which gives you the ability to cut up to 12” diameter trees and logs. It has a 5” bore cylinder that can generate up to 30 tons of shearing force. The CID x-treme rotating tree shear features a 90 degree rotation that is offered in manual or hydraulic.(Note: manual is a two man operation.)

It’s design forces trees to fall consistently to the right, allowing the operator to accurately position where the tree will land.If you are looking to save a little more money. We also offer a non rotating tree shear for the person who only needs to cut the trees down and skid them out of the woods. You can view our Cid x-treme non rotating tree shear by clicking here. → X-treme Tree Shear 

X-treme Rotating Tree Shear Specs

  • 1” thick AR400 blade.
  • 40 tons of shearing force.
  • Capable of cutting 12” trees.
  • Hydraulic tree shear powered by a 5” x 12” cylinder.
  • 90 degree rotation offered in manual or hydraulic.
  • Optional 8 pin or 14 pin universal wiring harness are available.

Skid Steer X-treme Rotating Tree Shear Attachments Extra Protection

Our skid steer x-treme rotating tree shear attachments are powder coated and all hoses come with protective sleeves to give the attachment the best protection. All CID attachments are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. This warranty starts from the initial sale, lease or rental date. For full warranty information you can click here. → Warranty Information Page

Want to learn more about skid steer loaders and attachments click here. → Skid Steer Loaders

Skid Steer X-treme Rotating Tree Shear – By CID Attachments

X-treme Rotating Tree Shear Specs
x-treme rotating hydraulic tree shear spec