Skid Steer Specialty Attachments

CID carries a line of skid steer specialty attachments. This consist of attachments that are used for specific applications and not a wide array of different applications. These skid steer attachments that are made for certain applications are intended to save you time and money verses doing these same task the old fashioned way. Which may have involved more manual labor or the way it was done before was harder and more time consuming. Let CID help you cut time and cost!

Our skidsteer boom pole is designed for picking up trees, plants, and bushes for transporting purposes. The universal skid steer quick attach plate is a product that lets you use an existing attachment by converting it to work with a skid steer. The CID skid steer tooth bar is an add on product that can be added to your buckets. We can customize it to the size you need for your bucket. Our skid steer sod roller is specifically designed for rolling out sod grass in a fast and inexpensive way.

The skidsteer receiver hitch is a great attachment for moving around trailers of any type without jumping in and out of a skid loader. Our land leveler attachment can be used for leveling dirt or gravel, cultivating, grading and cutting the ground. If you need to move tractor attachments around but don’t want the hassle of getting the tractor out, we offer the 3 point hitch attachment. Just hook it to your skid steer and move the implements around with ease.